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youtube channel!

2011-09-27 16:07:52 by PsychoSpider ast1?feature=mhee

please subscribe!


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2012-08-02 14:15:33

you should put the scraps episode 1 on youtube and see how many views you get i bet over 50,000 views.

PsychoSpider responds:

The problem is converting it from flash to mov. My trial on my program ran out, and i need to find about 120 bucks. It'll get there eventually, so here's hoping right?


2012-08-30 20:14:18

hey im having trouble changing my profile picture you think you can help.


2013-10-22 18:30:50

do more scraps episodes pls

PsychoSpider responds:

I wish I could, but the guy who voices Andrew is no longer in contact with me. Sorry :( .


2013-10-28 14:46:54

Awesome "Spike" video HappyToast (characterizations, action, and music all good). Just a thought to help (I've been here awhile in different aliases) is try to upload your original .swf to Newgrounds (so u can insert a youtube link front and back). Second, to convert .swf youtube (without .mov' slow transfer) just go to (it's Newgrounds way whoa Swivel program;free to download and use). Hope this helps. Keep creating the great!:D

PsychoSpider responds:

I actually already use Swivel, it's awesome! And I'm very happy you enjoyed my animations, my only problem now is getting youtube views, I think I'll link it in the next animation like you said.


2014-04-27 15:34:48

what file did you use for Scraps: Episode 1.


2014-05-14 21:55:33

Nightshade was exceptionally good. By the time you respond to this, you should have well over 100 fans!

PsychoSpider responds:

Thank you, I certainly hope so!


2014-05-15 10:09:42

Congrats on a hundred fans! Maybe if you reviewed other animators stuff, they'll check you out (or a reader might). Also commenting on stuff in the BBS might help... it's a diverse crowd there :|


2015-10-19 00:16:30

If I had a YouTube account, I would've definitely subscribed by now! Huh, 4 years since you made this post... sup, how are you?

PsychoSpider responds:

Fine thank you. :)

Working on the next animation at the moment.


2015-11-03 23:09:23

Glad to hear it!

I'm sure your next animation will be well received here!