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More of my work.

2011-04-30 12:08:42 by PsychoSpider

Opened a Deviantart account a few days ago, I'm currently working on a webcomic called 'Semi-Super', building the official website now, but until it's finished, i'll use this as a default to post the comic and other artwork and animation. Subscribe if you like my work so far! (If you have an account) Thanks!

L.A. Cabrera a.k.a. The HappyToast

my deviantart account


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2011-09-20 11:15:04

Hi TheHappyToast. I've come in peace! :D
What will happen to scraps? The concept is awesome. It makes me want to see more of your awesomeness.

PsychoSpider responds:

well, Scraps is already in a comic strip form on deviantart for short little quips. But I intend to make it a FULL internet series. Joseph(Andrew) and I are hard at work on the first official episode of Scraps.

I'm so glad it's received such a positive response from the public. It's an idea we've had for a long time and it's finally coming to fruition. Thank you for the support.